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Flow of medical examination

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Flow of medical examination

When visiting our hospital, please make a booking. We can accept bookings for medical examinations over the phone or online using our reservation form.

(Reservations are not required, but priority will be given to patients with reservations.)

1️⃣ Consultation Appointment

◎Web reservation

◎Telephone appointment

03-4400-4856 (Japanese)

2️⃣ Consultation


Presentation of insurance card / Reception and filling out medical questionnaire / Blood pressure measurement

※If you do not have an insurance card, present identification (name and date of birth)


Japanese or English (English: some doctors)

3️⃣ Examination

Tests deemed necessary by the doctor and agreed upon by the patient are performed.

  ※Tests that can be done on the same day: ECG, blood test, etc.

  ※Tests that can be done on the same day or on another day: ultrasound, Holter ECG, etc.

4️⃣ Explanation of the result

The result explanation date will be set around the time when all the test results are available.

! Points to note !

※ If you have a Japanese health insurance card:

Covered by insurance.

※ If you do not have a Japanese health insurance card:

You are not covered by insurance and will be charged the amount set by the hospital.

※ If you have a Japanese health insurance card but do not carry it on the day of consultation:

Not covered by Japanese health insurance.

 (If you bring your insurance card during the same month, the difference will be refunded.)

※ We do not arrange an interpreter.

Examination fees not covered by insurance

・Basic consultation fee: ¥10,000 (tax not included)

・Medical examination fee: ¥25,000 (tax not included)

※ The above two fees are the fees that must be incurred at the time of consultation with the doctor.

・Electrocardiogram examination: ¥5,000(tax not included)

・Echocardiogram examination: ¥18,000 (tax not included)... etc.

※ We will explain the examination fee when the details of the examination are decided.

 After the explanation, we will perform the tests that you have agreed to perform.

(The prices for tests not covered by insurance are as of May 30, 2023.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please inquire at the time of appointment or consultation.)

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