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Heart Imaging Clinic: What is CVIC?

What can be learned from cardiac imaging?
What are the medical services provided by CVIC?
We will explain about the circulatory system and heart with videos.


Five features of Oimachi Heart Clinic

1. Rapid

"Rapid inspection in collaboration with CVIC Iidabashi"

Ooimachi Heart Clinic​​ can take a resting ECG, 24-hour Holter, echocardiogram and carotid echocardiogram within a few days. In addition, cardiac CT and cardiac MRI can be performed by CVIC Iidabashi. The clinic scans about 400 cardiac CT and 300 cardiac MRI every month. The Ooimachi Heart Clinic cooperates with CVIC Iidabashi to quickly perform CT and MRI examination. CVIC Iidabashi's high-quality, high-level imaging tests have been highly evaluated by first-class hospitals, and are helpful for early detection of heart diseases in many patients.

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"Maximize the use of images for cardiovascular medical care by sharing image information"

This clinic is connected to CVIC Iidabashi via a secure Internet communication network, and you can view cardiac CT, cardiac MRI, and echocardiographic images taken at CVIC Iidabashi on a high-definition monitor. While actually observing the patient's own heart and blood vessel condition, we will explain the current condition, future treatment policy and precautions in daily life in an easy-to-understand manner.



Images can be used to give a detailed explanation of the disease. At CVIC Oimachi clinic, we will explain in a more concrete and easy-to-understand manner, such as why you need medicine, why you get sick, and what you should be careful about in your daily life.
Below is a list of typical questions that are often asked in CVIC Oimachi clinic.
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CVIC Ooimachi clinic is an association with CVIC Iidabashi, was able to quickly refer patients in need of treatment to specialized facilities. CVIC Iidabashi receives many commissions for cardiac CT and cardiac MRI examinations from doctors of first-class hospitals and foreign countries every day. The high quality and high level of cardiac imaging is recognized, with more than 38,000 tests performed since the hospital opened in 2009.

CVIC Iidabashi inspection number trend (2013 / 12-2017 / 4)



 It is important to understand the current situation through quick inspection. By getting the proper tests, you'll know if there's no problem at all, or if it's better to watch for a long time. In addition, It is possible to prevent the disease from becoming worse by paying attention to daily life and continuing with appropriate treatment to avoid it. This clinic  would like to contribute to the prevention of disease progression by conducting appropriate treatment and providing sufficient medical conditions.


Cardiovascular disease has a "slower onset of symptoms." It is not uncommon for heart disease to be severe by the time symptoms appear. As a result, when symptoms appear, the first doctor visit may be late. Sometimes it gets worse when you notice a slight "pulse," "walking with palpitations and shortness of breath," "heart murmur on examination," "abnormal ECG on examination," or "elevated blood pressure." If you are concerned about hardening of the arteries, we suggest you go to the cardiology clinic.

Prevention of heart disease




Tel: 03-4400-4856 (Reception 8: 00-19: 00)

We will  24 hours accept online booking

After sending the  inquiry email、we will respond within few days.
Please note that it may take some time to respond by email.

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